February 22, 2010

The Gary and Barbara Siegler Foundation |The Christ Church School Annual Fund

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Thanks to the generosity of our parents, grandparents, alumni and friends we raised over $185,000 during the 2007-2008 Annual Fund! Your gifts allow us to offer expanded opportunities to our students. Thank you.

Scholars Society $1,000 – $2,499

Mr. Robert Blake Jr. and
Ms. Corina Szefler
Mr. and Mrs. Rob Collins
Mr. Ralph DiGiacomo
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Dvorak
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Franta
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gertz
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Goldberg
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hirdler
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Kalb
Dr. and Mrs. James Kos
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Mahoney
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Malinsky
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Michalik
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Neal
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Olsen
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Onstad
Mr. and Mrs. Courtland Peddy
Mr. and Mrs. John Ranieri
Rev. and Mrs. Phil Roughton
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schoenthal
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Siegler
Mr. and Mrs. William Womick

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Gary and Barbara Siegler Foundation Tax Exempt/NonProfit Organization Information

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Organization Name


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Pine Crest School Annual Report of Donors 2008 – 2009

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Fort Lauderdale Board of Advisors

Douglas Reynolds ’75, Chair
Edward Pozzuoli III, Vice Chair
Melissa Ackerman
Kari Angelo
Suzanne Bell
Jacquelyn Bernstein
Douglas Birer ’82
George Caldwell Jr. ’80
Denise Carroll Colon ’82
Debra Cooper
Daniel Dobin
Stephanie Don
Jeffrey Elliot
Sue Fendrich
Jean Findeiss
Lisa Goldberg
Jody Grass
Linda Green
Lynda Hale
Diane Hardy
Deane Hashemi
Eduardo Hauser
Timothy Ingham ’83
Alisa Karten
John Kennelly ’81
Armando Leighton Jr.
Al Leiter
Susan Loggans
Frank Maister ’89
Tara Monteleone McGinn ’88
John Rizzo
Janet Roy
Leslie Rozencwaig
Morgan Rukes
Randi Schwartz
Gary Siegler
Ana Waldman
Danielle Trezza Yoldas ’86
Patricia Hooley Zimmerman

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Campaign Contributions

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Siegler, Gary N
Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33160

Candidate or PAC Amount Date FEC Filing OBAMA, BARACK (D)

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