July 30, 2010

Why Fund Raisers Should Pay Attention to a Donor’s Art Collection

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By Raymund Flandez

The philanthropist Ronald Lauder once said there are three categories of art: “Oh,” “Oh my,” and “Oh my God.” He only collects the latter.

And that’s the “OMG” prospect researchers should pay attention to, says Linlin Chen, a research analyst at the University of Chicago, in a presentation at the annual meeting of the Association of Prospect Researchers for Advancement, which is under way in Anaheim, Calif.

When trying to identify potential donors, it couldn’t hurt to do a bit of digging about what art they’re collecting. It’s an important indication of wealth and provides insight to a prospective donor’s interest, useful when starting a conversation and engaging donors at the cultivation stage. Such prospects tend to give to research programs, exhibitions, lectures, or institutions that house or show their art collections.

(Read more via Chronicle of Philanthropy.)

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