October 20, 2010

NPR Receives $1.8 Million Grant for ‘Impact of Government’ Initiative

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National Public Radio has announced the launch of an initiative designed to create a network of journalists dedicated to covering the impact of state government actions on local citizens and communities.

Established with a $1.8 million grant from the Open Society Foundations, the Impact of Government initiative will work with public radio stations to develop “hubs” for multiplatform reporting on issues critical to a region or state. NPR will function as a central editorial and technical resource for the effort, facilitating collaborations related to story development, content sharing, and analyses of national trends.

The initial grant will support the planning and launch of the project’s year-long pilot phase — starting in March 2011 — with station partners in eight states to be selected by year-end. The initiative ultimately aims to add at least a hundred reporters, editors, and analysts to NPR member stations in all fifty states, in an effort to provide comprehensive, in-depth reporting on the role of state government from a local, regional, and national perspective.

Read more via PND News.

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