December 4, 2010

Long Island University deploys 6,000 iPads, may double that next year

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Its endowment is tiny, and its students are mostly commuters looking for a cost-effective education without having to leave home. Yet Long Island University’s massive deployment of 6,000 iPads to students and faculty has made it the leader among universities in the U.S., and probably worldwide.

More than just some isolated technological fad-dism, LIU’s move towards iPads is part of the school’s broader embrace of cloud computing, according to LIU’s veteran CIO George Baroudi in an interview on Wednesday.

“We started to realize that the need for PCs is starting to die,” he said. Tablets like the iPad cost one-third the price of a laptop. And armed with Citrix remote access software, they can run the same Windows apps a laptop can, just off a server. “The mouse is dead. Long live the finger!”

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