December 22, 2010

Complaint Box | Charity Calls

Posted in Philanthropy at 9:57 pm by philanthropynews

There it was in my mailbox, a bulky envelope from a charity I’d never heard of, with headquarters in another state. Inside was a tote bag printed with the organization’s logo and an urgent appeal for funds. Three weeks later, it was a fleece blanket from a local charity and, again, an urgent plea.

Those are the big ones. Then there are the packs of greeting cards, the memo pads and the countless sheets of address labels. (Don’t try to get rid of those labels by shredding; one sheet will jam the shredder.) Perhaps the most annoying are the organizations that send a nickel to demonstrate the fact that every cent counts. They ask me to return the nickel even if I don’t wish to donate because “we need every cent.” If needless guilt causes the recipient to return the five cents, a 44-cent stamp is required.

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