January 3, 2011

Fundraising Success in 2011 Linked to Effective Business Principles, Survey Finds

Posted in Philanthropy at 4:20 pm by philanthropynews

Nonprofit hospitals and other institutions that invest in fundraising personnel and emphasize major gifts and planned giving are likely to be better positioned to weather the challenging economic environment in 2011, a new survey from the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy finds.

Based on AHP’s Performance Benchmarking Service matrix, which covered fiscal year 2009 and included data from foundations and development offices at sixty-six hospitals and healthcare systems in the United States and Canada, the survey findings revealed three important lessons: 1) during hard times, it costs more to raise money through philanthropy; 2) when times are tough, larger institutions with higher revenues are better able to sustain efficient and effective fundraising; and 3) fundraising programs that maintain their concentration on achieving major gifts and planned giving commitments are by far among the highest performers.

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