April 4, 2011

Restore’s Freedom Campaign: Long-Term Aftercare for NYC Trafficking Victims

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New York City, one of the world’s human trafficking hubs, has no long-term aftercare facilities for international trafficking victims. This despite it’s 2007 Anti-Human Trafficking Law, hailed as one of the toughest in any state, which outlines the need for victim services. Fortunately, Restore NYC, a non-profit organization and part of the mayor’s anti-trafficking task force, is going to change that.

Restore provides case management and specialized legal, medical, and employment services for victims. New York’s two major women’s shelters offer help to trafficking survivors, but do not focus on providing any sort of long-term care. Sanctuary for Families offers “intensive legal, counseling and psychiatric support to victims of this horrific form of modern-day slavery, while doing extensive outreach and trainings.” Safe Horizon has a trafficking hotline and offers education as well. Neither are equipped to offer the kind of aftercare victims of human trafficking desperately need.

As Change.org blogger Amanda Kloer pointed out, many trafficking victims have a greater need for safety and emotional and mental rehabilitation than the average domestic violence survivor. Traffickers, AKA “extremely dangerous, gun-toting criminals,” don’t take kindly to losing their lucrative human property and can head straight for domestic violence shelters to reclaim their victims. Not to mention that most international victims don’t speak English, don’t have job skills, have no idea how to care for themselves in America, and no way to protect themselves if they’re sent back home.

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