April 13, 2011

Smart Money Kids / Sowing seeds of philanthropy

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While April usually means showers to you, it’s a good time for those in financial literacy — it’s Financial Literacy Month. And an important component of teaching our kids financial literacy is introducing them to philanthropy.

A reader came to me a few weeks ago and asked about the topic.

“Tom, we are giving allowance to our children so that they can have money in their pocket to practice,” he said. “What is the best way to take that portion of that allowance our son is saving and give it away in the most effective manner?”

Here’s an option. Take a look at the website http://www.DonorsChoose.org.

This organization was created by Charles Best, a teacher at a high school in the Bronx, in response to a scarcity of learning materials in the school. Donors Choose aims to connect people whose schools lack necessary materials with charitable-minded individuals who want to ensure that their contributions are directed to classrooms in need.

(Read more via Westport News.)